Time’s A-Wasting

cartoon man on math paper

Teleporters wait to be invented!
Got to use that math and get busy
To get us out of the city.
There’s more and more places I’d like to see
And more and more places I don’t want to be.

Driving Off Like The 50s

old car in the mountains

Rich, I’m itchin’ to hit the Eisenhower Expressway
Headin’ for the mountains, canoe on top,
Red paint, chrome wheels, chrome grill
Chrome streamlines sweep forward
Goin’ like sixty, guided by those modest fins.

(This card in response to a card made from a box for a Matchbox ’59 Chevy! Thanks, Rich!)
Matchbox toy car


two people with birds
postcard collection

Don’t have much to say about the Beatles
They never transformed me
But I prefer them to music
With a meter that puts me in mind
Of riding a bony-spined horse
With a bad limp.